Surname Distribution – Great Britain 1881


The map shown here, taken from Surname Atlas courtesy of Archer Software and produced here with permission shows the distribution of the BUTCHER surname across Great Britain. You can see that the darker the colour the more common the surname is in that particular County. The highest concentrations appear in Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex and Suffolk.

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Early Steps

I have been contemplating the formation of a Butcher One-Name Study for quite some time and took the plunge today. It will be quite a task but not one that is unable to be achieved, although it is a study that will probably outlive me!

My own Butcher family hail from rural Surrey and I had always felt that my family in question hopped over the border with Sussex. My hunch has more recently been proved and I wondered about the family groups of other Butcher families. My research into the Butcher families in Surrey and Sussex began as far back as the mid 1980’s.

My own family was firmly located in the parishes of Wonersh, Shamley Green, Hascombe, Shere, and Bramley. They were not though immobile, several branches of the family moved to one of the London parishes and another, much earlier migrated from Hascombe to Tasmania in 1818.

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