Study Structure and Methodology

The material has always been kept in a mixture of ways such as spreadsheets and documents along with some paper copies of notes & records. In 2017 I registered for a website as part of the Members’ Website Project facility, which is restricted to Guild members with registered studies. I am currently in the process of adding all material to the website, which can be found at I have a number of spreadsheets in which the raw data is kept, and as that material is processed and added to my genealogical program, which happens to be Roots Magic, an extracted GEDCOM file is uploaded to the website and then linked to the various media items, such as certificates, wills and so forth.

I will also use this blog as a way of sharing various snippets from the study and delving deeper into the study and the lives of the individuals contained within it.

United Kingdom

The term United Kingdom refers to the Countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the terms of genealogical material the regions are broken down to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, BUT it is worth remembering that before 1922 Ireland was one Country.


There will be no material on-line referencing living people, unless that material is already on-line and/or in the public domain.